Sean Gabe


Eight years ago, Sean and his wife Sarah started a fee math tutoring center for families in the Koreatown and Westlake neighborhoods of Los Angeles. Sean has a passion for mathematics which lead him to a career as a CPA with CohnReznick and provides him with endless enjoyment. Seeing the challenges his neighbors faced like holding down multiple jobs, language barriers, and limited access to support services, Sean believed that the simplicity and power of mathematics that benefited his life so much could benefit the lives of others. To start a program while working overtime at his firm, Sean approached the First Unitarian Church of Los Angeles. As a storied institution with decades of experience in community service, it was the perfect place to provide educational services.

The partnership flourished, and soon many people from the community frequented the weekend tutoring center as volunteer tutor and study mathematics. Now a part of Urban Partners Los Angeles, Sean helped community members expand tutoring services to reading, ESL, Chess and computer coding courses. With the help of local high school students, Sean is helping the establish a robotic program. Sean say working with his neighbors and friends give meaning to his work and motivation in life.

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