Boardmember Fundraiser for Without Limits!


UPLA Board Member Jeff Stanzler is doing a fundraiser to benefit the Without Limits Tutoring program! We’re partnering with LegalZoom to match funds. Every donation will go a long way in helping the inner-city kids at Urban Partners with tutors, school supplies and other classroom needs!

Read Jeff’s incredible story:

My family and I have been volunteering at “Without Limits for Math and Reading” for almost 4 years now. My five-year-old son Nikolai (who you might have seen at the close of the spot) has practically grown up there.

For us, “Without Limits” is not just a chance to give back with our time and donations, but it’s also an opportunity for us to see first hand what the power of a well run, homegrown, community program can do.

In fact, several of the students (many of whom were previously homeless) that started at the program years ago, are now excelling in high school. Not only that, but a few are now working as paid employees to tutor the younger kids. Each of them is using the money they earn tutoring to save for college, so the program is absolutely having a very positive, measurable, and multiplying effect.

It’s our current goal with the campaign to raise $2,000 by the end of June to expand the program to serve more kids and run it through the end of the year and beyond.

I know you have a lot of requests for donations, but if you could give what you can to “Without Limits,” I promise your kindness will be put to use each and every Saturday morning.

Contribute on GoFundMe:

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