Here at Urban Partners Los Angeles, we value community. In addition to one-time donations, we also welcome people to join the UPLA family by becoming Member-Owners. When you become a Member-Owner, you become part of a network of people who care about the mission of UPLA, forming ties among each other and those our programs support through volunteer days, meetups, and other events.

Member-Owners are the financial foundation of our program, joining our community enterprise by committing to recurring monthly contributions. These donations help to pay our tutors, fill our neighbors’ grocery bags, and spread the word to our community that they can get empowered here–with English, math skills, exercise, and nutrition.

We encourage you to join the UPLA family by committing to make a recurring monthly donation of any size. Every bit counts!

You can set up a recurring monthly Member-Owner contribution by clicking on the Paypal Donate button below and making sure to check the box for “Make This Recurring (Monthly)” on the donation page.

Please reach out to us if you have questions:

Abigail Clauhs: I am a Member-Owner because I believe in empowerment (of our neighbors and ourselves)!

Samantha Gupta: I am a Member-Owner because my liberation is bound up with yours!

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