Urban Partners LA partners with Sierra Club for a field trip!


We had an exciting month including a field trip hosted by Sierra Club Los Angeles! The Sierra Club provided an incredible opportunity for UPLA’s students to explore nature and wildlife at El Dorado Park in Long Beach!

Inspiring Connections Outdoors (of the Los Angeles Sierra Club chapter) is an all volunteer, nonprofit organization whose purpose is to connect children from underserved communities and schools with nature.

Many of these children have never been to local mountains. Many who go on beach trips have never seen the ocean. They are thrilled to see sand crabs, deer, lizards and turtles. The program coordinates with teachers to teach children about flora, fauna, habitats, and the environment.

Erin Balder, Without Limits tutor and First Unitarian Church board member had a blast on the field trip!

“My favorite part of the day was the scavenger hunt. It kept the kids focused and curious throughout the hike and provided a different context to interact. One student approached me to help explain and find pine needles, another something shiny, a third wanted an explanation for the strange straw coming out of my backpack and was amazed to learn it held water. Seeing their joy at each new discovery was truly amazing!”

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