Volunteer with us and make a real difference in your spare time! Urban Partners Los Angeles relies on volunteers who are committed to our mission to improve the lives of underprivileged community members. Volunteering with UPLA is a fun, engaging and impactful experience! Develop new skills while making new friends. Here’s what to expect with our programs.

Groceries for our Neighbors
Every Saturday morning from 8am to 10am

1. For first time volunteers, please arrive at 7:45am and check-in with Program Director Rochelle McAdam.

2. You will be assigned to one of the 5 volunteer stations for the food distribution program. If you have a preference, let us know!

  • Sign-in tables: Upon entering, people need to sign in before they are able to get groceries. The Program Director is at the door and directs people to the sign-in tables, one at a time.
  • Grocery bags: Volunteers hand out a prepackaged bag of groceries (non-perishable items). People usually arrive with their own bags/carts, so the volunteers would help place the contents from the full grocery bags into the carts.
  • Food stations: After people receive their grocery bag, there are food stations (chicken, fruit, etc.) set out and lined against the walls. Volunteers will help pass out the items.
  • Boxes: Breaking down boxes for recycling.
  • Food Pantry: Food (canned food, grocery items) is delivered on Friday evenings and taken to the food pantry downstairs. On Saturday mornings, volunteers help by packing the items into bags for the next week.

Without Limits Math Tutoring Program
Every Saturday morning from 10am to 12pm

1. For first time volunteers, please arrive at 9:30am and check-in with Program Director Deynsi Claro, who will give you paperwork to fill out.

2. Assignment: Deynsi will assign you to a child or group of children. Introduce yourself and ask the student what they are working on at what grade level. (You might need to encourage them to respond fully.)

3. Math and Reading: The children are expected to complete three (3) math worksheets and spend 15 to 20 minutes reading and then complete a report on what they have read. Classes finish at 11:30am.

4. Progress Notes: Enter your interaction with the child on the progress notes in the folder. Be sure to sign your full name as the tutor. The children know where to place their file.

5. Parent Interaction: If the child’s parents comes to pick him/her up try to talk with them and ask if they have questions. We want the parents to know that we are interested in their feedback.

6. Final Prep: Clean up your work station. Leave it ready for the next session.

7. Check out with Deynsi.

Thank you very much for your work with Without Limits. Just a few hours a month can make a world of difference in a child’s life.

Parking and Transit Information:

Free parking is available for volunteers at the church parking lot on the southeast corner of 8th St. & Westmoreland Ave. Metered street parking is also available. Urban Partners LA is located at the First Unitarian Church at 2936 W. 8th St. Los Angeles, CA 90005.

The classroom entrance is to the left of the church entrance. Walk down the long walkway and down the stairwell.

The Red and Purple Metro Line is located at Wilshire/Vermont, 2 blocks north of the First Unitarian Church.

Join the Urban Partners family. Volunteer with us!

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