Volunteers Needed for Emergency Food Assistance


 The pandemic IS NOT  an equal opportunity virus. As the reality of the catastrophic effects  of COVID-19 sink in, Los Angeles citizens with jobs that allow them to work from home, who have extra savings in the bank and most all access to quality health care and early testing for the virus are becoming more and more removed from immediate danger. 

However, low-income seniors and the working class who already struggle with lack of access to food and adequate nutrition are becoming frighteningly desperate to feed themselves and their families.

Urban Partners Los Angeles (UPLA) is sounding an urgent alarm for help to immediately distribute food to the families in need in Koreatown, who are quickly running out of options due to both their very limited resources, but also because of the excessive hoarding of food that we all have witnessed across the country in recent weeks.

We are asking for this help, not only of people who care for others less fortunate but also for people who don’t.

As low-income people become more desperate, they will do what is necessary to feed their children and elders and the idea of staying home to decrease the risk of contracting or spreading the virus will become impossible to maintain.

On Saturday, March 21, UPLA (a non-profit organization) will extend its hours of operation from 6am to 6pm in order to implement a new food distribution plan that will directly distribute over 25,000 pounds of food weekly in Koreatown. We will adhere to Coronavirus safety guidelines, allowing only 10 recipients at a time to receive grocery bags in 15-minute intervals, while enforcing social distancing measures. Over 400 pre-packed grocery bags are ready to be distributed at the First Unitarian Church.

Over 50 community volunteers will help coordinate the trail-run food distribution plan, from packing and handing out grocery bags to delivering groceries to senior citizens and vulnerable residents who have been directed to self-isolate.

VOLUNTEER WITH US: bit.ly/uplafoodbank

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